It's a start

Wulf Stonesong's tale

Our trainer, Jaric Bladewind, has suggested that I keep notes of our experiences. I have been trained to read and write, but I prefer the action of the hunt. I probably would never have gotten around to writing any of this, but then he suggested I could just talk to a scribe and she would handle all the writing parts, so I’ve agreed.

It has been some months since I first came to the Harvesters and I’ve learned quite a bit since then. That first trail I was so excited. We had talked to Brendor Twistspark over a pint and he told us that we would be getting a ball of wax to help us with our hunt. Pendle Blackwood and I figured out that we would probably have to hunt a harpy. And we were right. But as we crept up to the harpies nest, the excitement of attacking the beast overwhelmed my sense and I forgot about the wax. Next thing I know, I was charmed by her song while she attacked and nearly killed Pendle. I came to my sense in time to kill her, but Pendle lay on the ground unconscious.

We returned to the Harvesters Keep with the talons and feathers of the harpy but our victory was dampened by Pendle’s brush with death and my own guilt about letting the excitement of the hunt cloud my judgement. I must be more cunning in the future.

Well, that is enough tale for now. There is ale in the bar and a melody in the wind.


demonnic jmegahee

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