Mines and blood and hooks, oh my!

Something evil's happening! i can smell it!

We have been called to the bloodstone mines, miners are dying and there’s clicking and cave-ins…sounds like another great adventure.
We encountered a large platoon bandits on the path to the village…severely underestimated us. Though we did take a beating as well, the leader had a magical pendant that seems to protect the wearer from scrying magic and similar effects. Quite a neat little trinket!
We made it to the village…nobody seems to be fond of the mechanical marvel i have created, treating it like a horse! The overseer of the mines is not exactly the nicest person either…but he is paying us, so no complaint there.
We are now in the mines. all went well until we came across some spiders on the 2nd level, Wulf stepped into a large pile of babies, smashing them all with his hammer while me and Behr got to fight the mother, larger than any spider i had seen previously. We also encountered that same mist we found in the keep. I don’t think these fights are going to get easier…
Hook horrors. They are…well…horrifying! yet again I almost died and Wulf did not seem to do much better, we managed to a couple of their hooks though, think we should put them on wulf’s log death pendulum thing, or maybe attach one to behr. We also found a strange hole that seems to extend down into an unmined cave area and the mist is thicker…further investigation will come soon, but for now we should get out of the mines and back to town where food, drink, and beds await us!

- Pendle Blackwood


demonnic demonnic

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