Pendle's notes

session 3

this is the journal area of pendle’s lexica arcana:

We went to meet with Aeris and showed her the crown, it is more powerful than i originally saw, although nobody has worn it yet…she also says it belonged to a sort of lich, he lived in the castle keep we explored a few days ago. well i shouldn’t say lived…it was more of a home away from home, as she put it.

the tinkering books i ordered from the library arrived today, it seems i will have much research to do.

the test activation of the construct went well, i have decided that it should be in the likeness of a bear, for intimidation purposes. nothing exploded.

today is the day of the final activation for the construct, which i have decided to nickname ‘behr’. it was activated in the training pit, no explosions. i had it cast a ray of frost at the lone training dummy in the pit, due to being in overdrive from the large burst of magic required to activate the heart rune (core of the construct) the dummy exploded. Jaric seems impressed.

Guy does not seem to like the idea of behr, nor do the rest of the recruits. he also does not seem fond of the fact that i will be his superior soon, if all goes well.

Jaric says we will die in a week if we don’t gather basilisk teeth and blood…what fun! i feel as if the whole dying in a week because of this magic poison thing is a joke.

behr is functioning well, although it seems i can only cast spells through it’s runes once a day, other times i will have to take the time to channel my own magic to it. i found out about this while fighting some bugbears, of which there were a lot in this cave, along with a scorpion.

so, a lot to write here…Wulf‘s tracking skills proved useful, as we found the basilisk nest without alerting said basilisk…basilisk as in plural, a 2nd one came in right as we were about to kill the first. behr’s roar, which i admit is quite bone chilling, scared the second basilisk into the corner long enough for us to finish it. wulf found some guy’s stone corpse which we used the guild-supplied stone to skin oil on…it was horrifying! but we got a lot of money i suppose. we also found a skeleton with a wand of ‘pew pew’, which we quickly found shoots a fireball type spell…it hurts. i kept that, and wulf got a fancy lantern, which never goes out unless you tell it to…i don’t remember the exact words, but it’s quite fancy


demonnic andle_Stormwood

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