Scribbles in the dark

- by Wulf

We’ve gone back in to the caves at Thurston’s insistence. He will have to negotiate with Aeris for the Harvester’s fee for this additonal level of work.

We climbed down with the assistance of some of the miners into the cave-in. Found a weird dead tree creature. Came across a Bone Needle and then found what appears to be an ancient Drow keep or garrison. We found many cells, some for people others for beasts. A couple of more hook horrors were killed and then we found a strange room that contained a sword, wand, battleaxe, staff, long bow, and a crossbow. Pendle grabbed the staff before I could say anything and all of the other weapons immediately vanished. He is going to have to learn to think before acting if we are going to survive much longer. I’ve heard tales of the underdark. Rumours and stories told around late night campfires. Stories that fill me with dread. Stories that are starting to sound more like our own.


demonnic demonnic

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