Wulf's Tale

Basilisk and the Bloodstone Mines

It has been a while since I have gotten to sit down with a scribe. I’m sure Jarric is concerned about us, at least as much as he is about any Harvesters sent out to the wilds.

To catch up things, there was that crown we brought back from the Keep we explored. Pendle went and placed the thing on his head and then it disappeared in a blast. I shielded myself from the blast and was able to feel the energy shoot northward. It seems like Jarric and the others are concerned about what Pendle may have done.

We then went off on our second trail to take out a nest of bailisks in a cave. We found 2 of the foul creatures, along with a giant scorpion, 4 bug bears and an ooze. The ooze manged to eat away part of my hammer before I finished it off. Pam Twistspark was able to get me a replacement.

With the second trial completed, we were given the rank of Stalkers and told that another mission was in the works. We traveled north to the mining town of Virdin to meet with Thurston, the overseer of the mine. He told us that work in the mine had stopped due to multiple disappearances. There were clicking noises and a strange mist.

Our first foray into the Bloodstone mines had us come across some big spiders, a couple of oozes (I was better prepared for their destructive natures) and then a couple of Hook Horrors. The Hook Horrors are the ones making the clicking noises. Pendle was able to understand what they were saying using his magic. We then discovered that the mine had a cave-in and was now connected to a deeper and much older section of caverns and tunnels.

That seemed like a fine time to head up to the surface, relay the information and get some ale before figuring out how much further this thing goes. The mine is not safe for now, so there is still work to be done. But for now, a night of drinking and merriment, for I fear what may lay further in the darkness of those misty caves.


demonnic jmegahee

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