The Harvesters are a group of adventurers whose primary goal is the completion of contracts. The goal of most of the contracts is to hunt and kill a creature, usually to harvest their body parts for magical reagents/components. Sometimes, they’re called upon to rid an area of some horrific monstrous beast, or to complete a quest for some local village.

The Harvester’s Keep (https://harvesters.obsidianportal.com/maps/79442) is nestled in the Bloodstone Valley, in the eastern curl of the Galenas. Butting up against the mountains the keep provides sanctuary and accommodations to its members, as well as a secure place to wait out a siege if necessary.

Exactly who runs the guild at the top is a hotly debated topic among newer members, but in reality it has very little bearing on the day to day lives of most of the guild.

Recently, Pendle Blackwood and Wulf Stonesong joined the guild and have begun climbing the ranks quickly, guided by their mentor Jaric.


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